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Humanitarian Tracker is among the 2017 Classy Award finalists

Humanitarian Tracker is among the 2017 Classy Award finalists

Syria Tracker, a project of Humanitarian Tracker

Syria Tracker provides an open technology platform and forum for crowdsourcing events on the ground in Syria and surrounding region since 2011. To date, we've received over 160K reports from the ground (6% published), mined 650K news articles and 680M social media posts.The platform and methods were adopted globally and include: tracking epidemics (Ebola, Flu, Zika), human rights violations (SE Asia), crime, violence & corruption, relief and development. Program goals include: 1) ensure timely response to crises & events 2) create a sustainable and efficient model for users, 3) coordinate relief efforts through information sharing and needs assessment to help agencies understand what is most needed and leverage resources, and 4) allow victims to report events in real time.
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